Standard Measurement Conditions and Sample Data

Target flames

Burner Configurations    McKenna Burner
   Gülder Burner
   Santoro Burner

Sample data

Joint measurements and sample data evaluation for the LII workshop 2005 in Duisburg
For the preparation of the workshop on LII to be held in Duisburg, Germany, Sept. 25-28, 2005 the organizers propose target flames and sample data. The aim is to have as many groups as possible use their experimental approach to measure LII (and potentially additional quantities) in a pre-defined identical environment. Three target flames have been chosen that seem widespread in combustion labs.

On the workshop in Duisburg we would also like to compare the different models that are frequently used for LII data analysis. Therefore, we provide three data sets of time-resolved LII measurements performed under different conditions. Both, the temporal and spatial laser profile is provided and also the calibration factors for the two-color experiments. The initial temperature of the soot particles after the laser pulse can be analyzed in the way everybody feels most comfortable with.

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