McKenna burner

  • Ethylene/air flame
  • Equivalence ratio: 2.1
  • Total gas flow: 10 slm (referenced to 0°C, 1 bar)
  • Stabilization plate at 21 mm height above burner.
  • diameter of the plate: 60 mm/ thickness of the plate: 20 mm
  • Porous-plug made of brass or stainless steel
    • A preference for brass plugs has been argued due to non-uniform flames produced by stainless steel plug McKenna burners purchased in the last 5 – 10 years (Migliorini et al., C&F 153, p384-393, 2008)
  • Measurement position: centerline location at 12 mm height above burner
  • Measurement approximately 15 mins after ignition to provide more or less defined thermal conditions
  • Shroud gas of nitrogen, air, or a lean ethylene/air mixture is passed through an outer shroud ring to help stabilize the flame. Shroud flow rates typically around 15 lpm (referenced to 0°oC, 1 bar)
    • Lund group has recently done some studies on the influence on flame uniformity of different shroud gases and these will likely be presented at the fifth LII workshop, France

McKenna Burner with stabilization plate
McKenna Burner with stabilization plate

 McKenna Burner Stabilized flame
McKenna Burner Stabilized flame