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International Bunsen Discussion Meeting and WorkshopLaser-induced incandescence:lii kerze
Quantitative interpretation, modelling, applicationSeptember 25-28, 2005,
Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany

 Laser-induced incandescence (LII) has proven to be a powerful tool for particle concentration and particle size measurements in combustion, particle synthesis, as well as in environmental applications. Different experimental approaches and data evaluation techniques exist. However, the links between the various groups that are currently working on making LII truly quantitative could be improved. In order to strengthen the community, the status of the current understanding regarding LII diagnostics should be discussed at a joint meeting. The feedback from the international community in response to a preliminary announcement was overwhelming. The opportunity exists to gather the leading researchers in the field for a forum which will identify weaknesses and knowledge gaps and will provide perspective to focus future LII research. The outcome of a successful workshop will be of great assistance in determining the possibilities and limits of LII, will provide the initiative for further research on enhancing the fundamental understanding of LII, and will provide an opportunity for the establishment of international collaborations.


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