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The Fifth International LII Workshop will combine contributed technical presentations, related to the scientific development of Laser-Induced Incandescence modeling, experiments, data interpretation, and coupling with other techniques, with organized discussions on the current best practices and challenges facing LII as a measurement standard for particulate aerosols.

An official program will be posted closer to the time of the workshop.

Technical presentations

The conference is open to submissions on emerging issues related to LII and its establishment as a measurement standard. The submissions should not cover applications of standard LII but focus on aspects related to the measurement technique. Potential topics are:

  • Combinative measurements of LII, Light Scattering, luminescence, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, diagnostics related to nanoparticles and soot precursors and more
  • Measurements in extreme situations, such as ultra high sensitivity, large-scale fires, remote sensing, near-wall measurements
  • Measurements in turbulent flames
  • Determination of materials constants
  • LII for non-carbonaceous materials
  • Other novel developments related to LII, new application fields (plasma…)
  • Industrial applications
  • Approaches to improve understanding the LII process

For this fifth “anniversary” workshop we also want to review the assessment of the status quo and the open questions discussed in the previous workshops. Attendees of the workshop are encouraged to provide their input to the development they have observed (and they have contributed to). The results are to be compared and discussed during the workshop and future research directions and scientific challenges will be discussed on this basis.

Abstract submission

1-Page abstracts (template available here) for contributed presentations should be submitted by March 9, 2012. Depending on the number of submissions, authors will be offered an opportunity to present their results either as oral presentation or poster. Poster sessions will form an integral and important part of the program.

Organized discussion

The workshop will feature organized discussions related to the key areas of experimental techniques, modeling approaches, materials properties and model assumptions. In each of these areas, based on the community’s input, an assessment will be made of the state of the art, of the progress since the first LII workshop, and of the future research priorities. All potential participants are invited to submit input ahead of time. The input received will be assigned to leaders for each of the key topic areas. A new objective for this workshop is to identify and address hurdles faced in having LII accepted as an industry standard for particulate measurement. The unique capabilities of LII over other diagnostics will be identified and strategies developed to overcome inertia from industry in adopting LII.
Further information on the organized discussions will be announced by the topic leaders and be provided in the final program. Workshop attendees will be encouraged by the topic leaders to send material related to discussion topics.
If possible, agreement on standard models and standard material properties should be sought. The results will be made available after the conference on the internet (www.liiscience.org). Based on the remaining open questions topics for joint research activities will be discussed and fixed which will form the basis for preparation (through experiments and dedicated theoretical work) for the subsequent workshop.

Tuesday, May 08
5:00pm - 7:30pm    Arrival, Check-in, Registration at Palais des Congrès
                                 General information

Wednesday, May 09

8:00am   Registration
8:45am   Welcome

Session 1: Experiment and modelling for LII fundamental knowledgeExperimental

9:00am Pulsed laser heating of differently aged soot probed using LII and LES
                     Nils-Erik Olofsson, Jonathan Johnsson, Henrik Bladh, Per-Erik Bengtsson
                     Lund University
9:20am Experimental setup to study soot sublimation as typically occurring in high fluence LII
                     Klaus Peter Geigle, Gregor Gebel, Markus Köhler
                     German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Stuttgar


9:40am Influence of soot aggregate structure on particle sizing using LII
                      Jonathan Johnsson, Henrik Bladh, Nils-Erik Olofsson, Per-Erik Bengtsson
                      Lund University
10:00am Extending Time-Resolved LII to Metal Nanoparticles: Simulating the Thermal Accommodation Coefficient
                      Kyle J. Daun, John T. Titantah, Mikko Karttunen and Timothy A. Sipkens
                      University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario

10:20am -11:00am   Coffee break  (registration continuation)

Session 2: ELS fundamentals

11:00am A method for inferring the soot size distribution by Static Light Scattering : Application to the CAST soot generator
                     Jérôme Yon, Chloé Caumont-Prim, Alexis Coppalle, Kuan Fang Ren
                     CORIA, University and INSA Rouen
11:20am Recent applications of the WALS-technique
                     Hergen Oltmann, Stefan Will
                     Universität Bremen, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

11:40am  Poster advertising I12:30pm-14:00am: Lunch

Session 3: Combined methods for better knowledge of soot size

2:00pm Soot primary particle sizing in turbulent flames via combined LII and Elastic Light Scattering
                    Brian Crosland, Matthew Johnson, Kevin Thomson
                    Carleton University, NRC Ottawa
2:20pm Defining a measurement strategy for 2D soot particle size imaging through detailed LII signal-decay analysis
                    Emre Cenker, Gilles Bruneaux, Thomas Dreier, Christof Schulz
                    IFP En, Rueil-Malmaison, IVG and CENIDE, University of Duisburg-Essen

2:40pm    Poster advertising II (follow up)

around 3:00pm     Free afternoon

8:00pm - 10:30pm  Poster session (with refreshment)

Thursday, May 10

8:50am   Opening of the workshop discussion (objectives)

9:00am   Discussion on LII modelling

10:30am - 11:00am    coffee break

Session 4: Experiments for particles properties fundamental knowledge

11:00am Effects of particle coatings on laser induced incandescence
                    Ray Bambha, Paul Schrader, Mark Dansson, Hope Michelsen
11:20am Determination of the dimensionless extinction coefficient for soot generated by a PMMA flame
                    Damien Hebert, Alexis Coppalle, Jérôme Yon and Martine Talbaut
                    CORIA, University and INSA Roue

Session 5: Combined methods

11:40am A combined laser induced incandescence, aerosol mass spectrometry, and scanning mobility particle sizing study of non-premixed ethylene flames
                    Scott Skeen, Paul Schrader, Kevin Wilson, Nils Hansen, Hope Michelsen
                    SANDIA, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
12:00pm Soot particles detection by LIBS and LII analysis
                    Francesca Migliorini, Silvia Maffi, Silvana De Iuliis, Giorgio Zizak
                    CNR-IENI, Milano

12:30pm - 2:00pm    lunchDiscussion on Experimental LIIDiscussion about the LII workshop follow up

4:00pm - 6:00pm   Poster session (and refreshments)

7:00pm                 banquet

Friday, May 11

Session 6: applications

8:30am LII and one-wavelength Aethalometer measurements of particulate matter in different environments
                    Silvana De Iuliis, Silvia Maffi, Francesca Migliorini, Giorgio Zizak
                    CNR-IENI, Milano
8:50am Time-resolved Laser induced incandescence measurement for a combustion field of the 0.5 kg- coal/h pulverized coal jet burner
                    Jun Hayashi, Nozomu Hashimoto, Noriaki Nakatsuka, Hirofumi Tsuji, Hiroaki Watanabe, Hisao Makino, Fumiteru Akamatsu
                    Osaka University

9:15am    Discussion on combined and emerging approaches

10:45am - 11:15am   Coffee break

11:15am  Summary and conclusion of the workshop, hot topics, discussion about a next workshop