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Sizing of soot aggregates by two-dimensional multi-angle light scattering (2D-MALS)
     Michael Altenhoff, Jannis Reisky, Stefan Will
     Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany Universität Bremen

Study of the wavelength dependence of the soot absorption function using the two-excitation wavelength Laser Induced Incandescence: application to fluorescent species detection.
    S. Bejaoui, R. Lemaire, E. Therssen, P. Desgroux
    PC2A, University of Lille 1, Ecole des Mines de Douai

Comparison between Modeled and Measured Time-Resolved LII Signals and Soot Temperatures in a Laminar Premixed Flame
    S. Bejaoui, S. Batut, E. Therssen, P. Desgroux, F. Liu, K. A. Thomson, G. J. Smallwood
    PC2A, University of Lille 1 NRC Ottawa,

Continuous Wave LII in an Atmospheric Pressure Kerosene Flame
    John D. Black and Paul Wright
    University of Manchester

Applicability of Wright’s correction to Fuchs boundary sphere method for TiRe-LII calculations
    K.J. Daun, S.C. Huberman
    University of Waterloo

Influence of temporal laser pulse length and shape on the time resolved laser induced incandescence signal
    M. Ditaranto, N.E. Haugen, C. Meraner, I. Saanum
    SINTEF, Trondheim

Combined LII and LIF with multiple excitation wavelengths for diagnostics of soot and PAHs in laminar flames
    J. Dunn, I.S. Burns
    University of Strathclyde

Experimental study of particle vaporization under pulse laser heating by LII and laser light extinction
    Alexander Eremin, Evgeny Gurentsov, Ekaterina Mikheyeva, Konstantin Priemchenko
    Joint Institute for High Temperature, Russian Academy of Sciences

Experimental investigation of the influence of inert gas on soot formation
    A.Flügel, S. Beer, S. Will, J. Kiefer, A. Leipertz
    University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, SAOT Erlangen, University of Aberdeen

Combination of high spatial resolution LII and LOSA measurements for determination of soot volume fraction and PAH concentration in laminar diffusion flames
    M. Leschowski, K. Thomson, D. Clavel, D. Snelling, C. Schulz, G. Smallwood
    IVG and CENIDE, University Duisburg-Essen, NRC Ottawa

Combination of various particles measurement techniques for validation in laminar high pressure flames
    M. Leschowski, T. Dreier, C. Schulz
    IVG and CENIDE, University Duisburg-Essen

Effect of laser pulse duration on laser-induced incandescence soot
    F. Liu, G.J. Smallwood
    NRC Ottawa

Measurements of Soot Volume Fraction under Conditions Relevant to Engine Exhaust Using Four-Colour LII and Different Laser Energies
    Fengshan Liu, Xu He, Hongmei Li, Fushui Liu, Gregory J. Smallwood
    NRC Ottawa, Beijing Institute of Technology

Relationship between LII Signal and Soot Volume Fraction – Effect of Primary Particle Diameter Polydispersity
    Fengshan Liu, Gregory J. Smallwood
    NRC Ottawa

Modeling laser-induced incandescence of soot integrating spatial and temporal dependences of parameters involved in energy and mass balances
Mohammed Mobtil, Romain Lemaire
    Ecole des Mines de Douai

Evolution of the LII signals of soot particles measured in low pressure methane flames
    T. Mouton, P. Desgroux, X. Mercier
    PC2A, University of Lille1Influence of LII on Soot Optical Properties in Reference Flames
    K. Thomson, K-.P. Geigle, D. Snelling, F.Liu, M. Köhler, G. Smallwood
    NRC Ottawa, DLR Stuttgart

Evaluation of particle sizes of iron-oxide nano-particles in a low-pressure flame-synthesis reactor by simultaneous application of TiRe-LII and PMS
    B. Tribalet, A. Faccinetto, T. Dreier, C. Schulz
    IVG and CENIDE, University Duisburg-Essen