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Third International Discussion Meeting and Workshopflame

Laser-induced incandescence:
Quantitative interpretation, modelling, application

July 31 – August 1, 2008,
Ottawa, Canada

Laser-induced incandescence (LII) has proven to be a powerful tool for p

article concentration and particle size measurements in combustion, particle synthesis, as well as in environmental applications. However, different experimental approaches and data evaluation techniques exist which, while demonstrating the complexity of the physical processes involved in LII and the need for further research, has also somewhat hampered the acceptance by industry of LII as a measurement standard. In order to strengthen the community and to explore the development of a series of best practices for LII modelling, experiments, and data interpretation, a series of workshops was initiated in 2005. The first occurred in September 2005 in Duisburg Germany and was a successful first meeting of many of the significant international contributors to LII research. The most relevant differences in experimental approaches and data evaluation techniques were located, and strategies to smooth them out in future, discussed. The second meeting was held in August 2006 in Bad Herrenalb, Germany. This meeting too was very successful with differences in models reduced and some best practices in experimental methods demonstrated.

The third International Workshop and Meeting on Laser Induced Incandescence: Quantitative interpretation, modelling, application will be held July 30 - August 1st 2008 in Ottawa, Canada. The objective of the third meeting is to identify and address hurdles faced in having LII accepted as an industry standard for particulate measurement. The unique capabilities of LII over other diagnostics will be identified and strategies developed to overcome inertia from industry. Persons interested in participating in the workshop through presentations or simply through the workshop discussions are encouraged to attend.

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